Avocado Farming.

Founded in 2019 as a grower and shipper of avocados, AvoFarm Uganda began operations from a 30 Acre farm in Mukono (about 30 Km from Kampala City Centre) as our Phase 1 growing scheme. We have earmarked and embarked on an ambitious project for Phase 2, with our target being 500 Acres. This will greatly boost the production of good quality avocados. The farms are located in areas that support easy of use of irrigation systems. For example, the current 30 Acres are located on a lakeshore 

Services offered at AvoFarm Uganda



Our Avocados are grown primarily for export to the international markets, we work closely with our clients and other key stakeholders in the chain to ensure good quality and timely delivery of our products. Currently the global demand for Hass Avocado is barely met by the supply.

Products Processing & Packing

As a company, as we grow the export chain of our products, we will also immensely focus on value addition for our products through high level innovation. Our focus is to build home grown brands as products of the process of Avocado fruits.

Our Avocados

At AvoFarm Uganda, we believe in the power of real fruit to inspire people to live better, to nurture healthy communities and to celebrate nature’s goodness across the world. All our smallholders are trained on quality, traceability and conformity of avocado farming.

Our Avocado brand has many unique advantages:

  • Year round availability of premium grade avocado fruit.
  • Direct supply from the packer ensures our customers are guaranteed to receive the freshest Hass avocados available.
  • Labeling according to the customers preference.
  • Packing and packaging materials to customer requirements.
  • Offering customized programs of supply via air or sea freight