The Story About Us

The AvoFarm (U) Ltd is a member of Hedge Foods a fresh produce company that specializes in marketing, value addition and distribution of healthy produce sourced from small holder farmers. AvoFarm Uganda focuses primarily on growing fresh Hass avocados for export, with a vision to invest in the manufacturing of cold pressed avocado oil, skin care products and environmentally friendly packaging materials.

We source our avocados from our farms located in different parts of the country, in addition to hundreds of smallholder farmers who are dedicated to hand-growing and selectively hand-picking all our avocados that are grown naturally under Equatorial sun, now this will guarantee you quality.

Why Choose Us

Reliable and consistent quality

We do our work with passion, providing pure quality to clients

Experience and professionalism

Our team has professionals having years of experience of the field.

Fresh And Clean Products

We add value to our clients by providing Fresh products

Trust, Relationship and Values

we have strived hard to maintain best relationships with our clients